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Welcome to ABCEC
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Written by PAul Golson   

Latest News.

Mr Chimuka Nyanga is the new Executive Secretary to the Association.

Collective Agreement Update:

The Labour Commissioner has confirmed and approved the Collective Agreement negotiated in the latter part of 2012 for 2013. All Rates, allowances and conditions have been rebased and are effective from 1st January 2013.

The latest version can be found under membership after you have successfully registered your account.

NCC Registrations, Renewals, Upgrades:
As per SI 37 of 2009* and SI 25 of 2010*
All Contractors Grades 1 to 4 should submit com-pleted forms to the :-
ABCEC Secretariat
Payments for National Council for Construction fees may accompany the submission but should be made payable to the:-National Council for Construction.
The ABCEC Secretariat will provide registration assistance Ser-vices to Contractors. Thereafter ABCEC will deliver the forms and payments in favour of NCC to the Lusaka NCC offices .
For ABCEC members, the Secretariat will follow up on the Regis-tration & Certification process. The Secretariat is also available for members and contractors wishing to subscribe to ABCEC Ser-vices, assist in ZRA Cash Accounting applications and Labour related matters as well as impartial advice on other Construction related issues. Please visit our offices for membership forms.

Collective Agreement Update for 2012 Rates

The Joint Industrial Council today Friday 9th November 2012, reached
agreement on Harmonising the Collective Agreement to bring it into line
with the Minimum Wages SI46. At the same time the negotiations also
concluded negotiations on the Rates and Allowances that will commence on
1st January 2013 and end on 31st December 2013.

Basic Rate:
The Basic rate will increase across the board by K1,035.
The Lunch Allowance (Old K12,000) to (New K9,000) per shift.
Transport Allowance (Old K12,000) to (New K9,000) per shift.

As this Agreement will take effect on the 1st of January 2013, it was also
agreed that the Collective Agreement will be rewritten to include the new
rates noted above, but to comply with the re basing of the currency all
Kwacha rates, allowances and benefits will be indicated as re based
amounts. Once the Joint Industrial Council has signed the agreement the
schedules will be circulated.

Closedown 2013:

*10.1.        *The Parties have agreed that there shall be an Annual Close
Down period of all work places that are governed by this Agreement and the
period of such close down shall be for 14 (Fourteen) consecutive days and
as set out by the Joint Industrial Council in *Clause 10.4*
*10.2.        *Any employee, (*other** than a Watchman/Security guard or
employees working on operations involving continuous production within the
mining sector*) working during the Annual Close down shall be paid at the
rate of ordinary full basic rate of pay for the time worked plus an
additional ordinary full basic rate of pay for that time so worked during
the Annual Close Down period.
*10.3.        *The worker shall be granted as early as possible thereafter
a period of leave equal to the period which he has so worked.
*10.4.        *Closedown Dates

*10.4.1.          *Saturday 22nd December 2012 to Sunday 6th January 2013.
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Written by PAul Golson   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 00:00

If there are any matters relating to the construction industry you would like to discuss, please feel free to use this forum for that purpose. Either send us an email or register, log on and update the page.


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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 14:46

Registration Renewal :

Contractors aGrades 1- 4 are required to return completed forms the the ABCEC Secretariat.



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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 14:48

Association Profile.

Executive Committee 2013

Phesto Musonda
Phesto Musonda
CEO Phoenix Materials Ltd
Michael Nyirenda Alersticho Zulu

Michael Nyirenda
CEO Solatech Ltd.

Vice President
Alerstichio Zulu
Mercury Lines.
mcmulengasmall chileshe

Mulenga Chikupule Mulenga


M.C. Chileshe Simu Construction Ltd

John Kabwe Paul Golson
Hon Treasurer
John Kabwe
Paul Golson
CEO Lewis Construction Ltd



Contact Information

ABCEC is assisting the National Council for Construction in the registration exercise. All documentation and assistance that may be required for compliance with the NCC Act are available from our offices.

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